WHITESTONE, N.Y. – Versentia, Inc. has just released the Versentia mobile app for Android, allowing onsite data collection via an online testing, inspection and certification platform. Technicians are assisted through the app for the collection and organizing of data, and clients are able to view live updates of all services.

“Data collection in the field as a priority is a thought that doesn’t first jump to mind. We have built a solid platform off this idea and feel true efficiency is now available for all testing, inspection and certification companies” describes Chad Apurav, Lead Product Developer at Versentia, Inc.

Allowing for data collection onsite using tablets and smartphones, the new testing, inspection and certification software for Android covers many types of inspections. These conveniently include elevator inspections, HVAC inspections, equipment inspections, boiler inspections, and many more. Versentia guides the user through the inspection process, bringing awareness to any incomplete sections while allowing for instantaneous photo attaching.

The intuitive software allows each project to be listed with contact information and all relevant data. Integrated into the Versentia mobile app for Android is Google Maps, wherein each location can be pinpointed and routes can be determined, helping the field technician to navigate between locations efficiently.

Reports are made easily with the use of Versentia. All necessary information is pulled from the software and placed into the appropriate forms or documents, making the reporting process a breeze. All reports are saved and can be easily searched and accessed through the platform.

A new website has also been launched by Versentia, Inc. To view more about the Versentia Platform and the Android app, visit www.versentia.com.

About Versentia, Inc.:
Versentia, Inc. is a leader in testing, inspection and certification software. To learn more visit http://www.versentia.com