WHITESTONE, N.Y. – Versentia, Inc. has just released the Versentia CRM component for their testing, inspection and certification software, and has now become a part of the product offering.

“The management of clients and associated sales is an important component of testing, inspection and certification software. Our clients can now take the leap into new technology that allows for an automated service agreement that can be delivered and executed completely in the cloud” describes Chad Apurav, Lead Product Developer at Versentia, Inc.

The new CRM components will allow a company to setup service agreements through the platform, deploy these agreements, have them executed in the cloud and then convert automatically to work orders that are ready to be performed.

The process of connecting sales with operations has never been easier. There will no longer be the need to find various pieces of software to bridge the gap between departments and software platforms.
To view more about the Versentia Platform, visit www.versentia.com.

About Versentia, Inc.:
Versentia, Inc. is a leader in testing, inspection and certification software. To learn more visit http://www.versentia.com