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Cloud Mobile Technology With Intelligent Forms & Routing

The cloud allows your operation to go from paper with manual tasks to paperless and automated.  Our mobile platform allows your field staff the ability to do exactly what they are good at without getting caught up in the extensive reporting process.  Intelligent checklists create automated reporting capabilities.

Routing and scheduling can often be a monotonous task involving maps and multiple people.  Our proprietary algorithms for automated routing create routes based on average time of service, field personnel availability and location all while allowing management the capability to track everything from start to finish.

Environmental Site Assessments


Versentia is designed to assist with your field technicians in performing environmental site assessments. A variety of reports can be created intelligently through Versentia to collect data that is necessary for any phase of ESA or compliance assessment and used for any necessary follow-up event (report to client, re-inspection, further investigation, etc.).
Checklisted items can be used for different environmental phases and locations. Versentia notifies the completion of field assessments automatically eliminating the need for manual reporting while at the same time providing completed information necessary for follow-up events.
Versentia’s software suite will eliminate the need for customizable PDFs  replaced with intelligent forms that are custom-fit for your site assessments, additionally eliminating the need for form duplication as your main office has access to your field tech’s completed forms as soon as the inspection has been conducted.

Jurisdictional/Compliance Inspections


Many states require business owners to undergo periodic inspections of equipment on site (i.e. boilers, pressure vessels, elevators, machinery, fire suppression systems, etc.). These inspections must be carried out by commissioned inspectors who have extensive knowledge of jurisdictional codes and regulations. Necessary strict regulations reduce the risk of potential explosion, loss of life and business.
With over 20 years of development in the field, Versentia knows which inspections need to be completed and how to track and catalogue data in the safest, most efficient way possible. Versentia offers clients a top-to-bottom solution for all of their compliance inspection needs and will help your organization create long-term value with customers.
Our intelligent forms platform can help your field techs perform these important safety inspections accurately and consistently every time. From elevators to boilers to water and gas lines, whatever your field techs are inspecting Versentia can help. Our platform is guaranteed to reduce inspection time and optimize your technician’s routes to maximize efficiency. Versentia can help manage your workload by reporting back to both the client and jurisdictional authority if necessary, without the inefficiency of paper submissions.

Field Service Management


Designed specifically for field service management, Versentia was developed for over 20 years by being constantly tested by field service technicians on site in New York City and Washington D.C. Having this co-habitation style of development has helped us make sure that every process is addressed and streamlined. Our mobile application allows you to create intelligent forms to suit individual inspection requirements, no more need for customizable PDFs and worrying about software compatibility. Our logics-based program will help complete the survey form and ask any questions necessary to close out the inspection. Our Android™ and iOS™ native mobile app also provides the ability to track every work order and technician in real-time, enabling the assigning of incoming work orders to your techs already in the field. Additionally, your field techs can view customer history as well as capture necessary signatures and add attachments (i.e. photos and additional documents) as needed.

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Product/Equipment Certification


The Versentia software suite allows for field techs to perform product and equipment certification and keep accurate records of the activities your techs performed as stipulated under your contract. Our software platform lets you customize your inspection & certification forms to fit the unique criteria that your client’s product or equipment must fulfill in order to pass inspection.
Never worry again about duplicate forms! Once your field tech finishes and uploads the completed inspection to our secure cloud server, your home office will immediately have the ability to access the form instantaneously and file with the proper agency if required. This will enable your business to track and audit forms efficiently without having to worry about lost or incomplete certification documents.

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Non-Destructive Testing/Progress Inspections/Construction Inspections


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) covers a wide range of analysis techniques used to evaluate the properties of a material, part, product, or system without causing damage or destruction to it in the process. This commonly used testing method is applied in many different forms of engineering, construction and medical applications to mention just a few.
This testing method is performed during the rehabilitation of existing structures as well as during the construction process of new structures. These tests in most cases are extremely detailed and need to be efficiently catalogued and tracked to ensure proper reporting.
Versentia’s software platform helps perform these necessary inspections while being flexible enough to compy with a wide variety of industry standards, government contracts, and at times, unique customer requirements. Our robust platform will allow your CWIs and SNT-TC-1A certified technicians to deliver a full range of NDT services for assisting your clients.
Additionally, our software suite will help your customer track these required inspections and allow you to properly schedule initial inspection as well as follow up re-inspections. This is integral in guaranteeing timely site visits to your clients that demand reliable servicing. Versentia will allow you to track every step of the process from procurement to invoicing and reporting, making sure your workflow runs as streamlined and efficiently as possible.
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Equipment Safety Inspections


The efficiency and effectiveness of your field techs may be one of, if not, the most important frontier of competitive advantages for your firm. Are your field safety inspection processes still being performed on paper forms or localized spreadsheets? With constantly increasing pressure to compete and an ever growing list of compliance requirements, there has never been a better time to improve your safety and equipment inspection workflow.
Our platform offers a significant advantage over the traditional paper form or disconnected spreadsheet. With Versentia’s inspection management software, you not only create a permanent electronic record of the inspection, but it enables you to instantly notify the necessary parties of any safety hazards as they’re identified. This will help reduce the amount of time between ID-ing a safety hazard and correcting it. Curious how our platform can help your inspectors locate problems faster and more efficiently? Speak with one of our experienced technicians today!

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