A Graphical Overview of Performance

Time is money. You need a way to view critical information from your business before your morning cup of coffee. The process of crunching data into meaningful analytics can be a time consuming effort.

Fortunately, Versentia comes with Dashboards so that you can view business critical data in a simple and clean format.

Versentia Dashboards comes by default with three data views: Executive, Finance, and Operations.

The Executive Dashboard contains graphs that can give a quick detailed account of the performance of your business. Graphs such as Pipeline and Service Count show past and future inspection volumes, while others like “Total Sales” outlines the performance of sales agreement.

The Financial Dashboard focuses on invoicing information. These graphs pinpoint from who, when, and where your earnings are coming from. A derivable insight from these types of graphs is which of you clients pay on time and by how much.

The Operations Dashboard is focused on informing how well your team is performing. Graphs such as “Top Inspector” and “Sales By Sales Rep” quickly indicates star players in your team. Others such as “Sales By Service” signal what services are generating the most quotes and service agreements.

When it comes to getting an overview of your business, Versentia Dashboard has got you covered. From internal performance to B2B financial information, Versentia Dashboards can show you it all as you enjoy your morning coffee.