Location Management

The Building Block of Versentia

Locations are the prime element in Versentia. Their creation and management plays a critical role in all the other facets of Versentia. This is why we allow for complete customizability with your business’ locations.

Versentia Location Management gives your business the required tools to have as much depth as breadth in the creation and management of locations your business manages. Adding custom fields and data pertaining to a location takes seconds, as does seeing associated clients, invoices, and objects.

Locations can also have important files attached to them. No more back and forth emails with attachments and location numbers. Simply attach files to locations and you are done!

All events taken on a locations are recorded in the Event History panel. This allows users to see a paper trail of all the actions done on a particular location. This allows for simpler and more independent management of all locations.

With this solid foundation, Versentia Location Management gives your business a strong framework to base your services from.