Product Pricing

The value of a software products capability, reliability and ease of use are just a few important aspects when shopping for a technology solution. Many products, make many claims and charge fees per module to build your pricing far in excess of a reasonable budget. Versentia wants to be as close to the decision making process as possible to ensure you receive a quote for exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. Our simple pricing structure includes a nominal setup fee with a minimal transaction based fee, which helps reduce costs during seasonal levels of lesser production from operations.

Since it is necessary to develop a quote that properly meets a company’s needs, we customize each proposal for every client ensuring there are no bloated setup charges with open end spending. Rather we provide an accurate setup fee that does not change and ultimately transaction pricing that allows for the comfort of growing your business at whatever pace necessary.

Contact us to receive a customized demo and competitively priced proposal that fits your company’s individual needs.