Versentia Mobile

The Right Tool for your Inspectors

With Versentia Mobile, your inspectors have an efficient and simple way of performing their inspections. Whether online or off, Versentia Mobile is able to operate safely and fast.

The Complexities of efficiently scheduling field technicians plays a significant financial burden on testing, inspecting and certification companies. These employees in most cases are either highly compensated licensed engineers or tradesmen who generate the most earning potential for your operation. Versentia was specifically designed to create an optimum environment for these top wage earners, your most valuable resource, to complete daily tasks by implementing cloud mobile intelligent reporting solutions.

An additional challenge Versentia addressed head on was the issue of work flow with respect to collecting data while in the field. With intelligent forms built in to the inspection process inspectors wont get “tripped up” if they miss a field requiring data entry. The program simply permits the inspection process to continue and alerts that an item was missed or over looked at the end, thus not hampering work flow.