The Challenge: Maintaining an accurate data system for inspection processes from procurement, routing, scheduling, performance and reporting.
The Solution: The Versentia platform allowed for a seamless process from start to finish without heavy upfront costs and was easily adopted by our dispatchers.
The Benefit: Large return on investment with quicker invoicing and reporting. Seamless data process from collection in the field to reporting without the need for double entry. The job assignment and routing feature increased our average inspectors productivity by 45%.
Quote: “We needed a platform that would allow us to handle various types of inspections that we performed out in the field and a complex customer management system to allow us to work across various territories for various clients. Versentia implemented a seamless, efficient platform to do this.” – Robert Ognjenovic, VP Inspection Services, Insparisk

Challenge: Insparisk is a national inspection company performing services ranging from boiler & pressure vessel inspections, elevator, escalator & conveyance inspections, fire suppression inspections, cooling tower inspections and various other equipment safety inspections. We have a heavy foot print in the five boroughs of New York City which is a challenging market from a logistical stand point.
Insparisk’s needed a platform with a mobile component to allow field inspectors to upload their inspection details in real-time. This allows inspectors to complete their jobs without returning to the main office saving time, milage and toll costs.
A flexible customer management system with various invoicing options across many territories was a core requirement of the product in order to ensure that the current customer base needs were met with the new platform.

Solution: By deploying the Versentia Online platform for Insparisk was able to streamline processes from account management, invoicing and dispatching to completing inspections in the field and collecting inspection data real-time via rugged mobile devices. The client access portal allowed Insparisks clients access to their locations, reports and appointments in real time 24/7.
Insparisk had various clients up and down the East Coast of the United States that had requirements as far as performance of services, payment terms and reporting needs. The Versentia platform was easily adjusted via the platform administration to accommodate all of these needs.